2020 May 18

18 May: Deep POV and How It Affects Craft

Deep POV is very useful for writing, especially for first or third person stories. It allows you to still use the correct POV (Point of View) for your genre without confusing the reader or compromising your work (Prunkl 2013).

18 May: 8-Point Outline

We touch on this outline beat sheet off and on throughout the outline course, but I usually don’t use it in its entirety. There are a lot of “long slogs” that I don’t enjoy pushing through. Most of my outlines will take a few beats from this one, but it won’t take the entire beat sheet.

18 May: Types of Co-Authors and Partners

Welcome back to Part 2b of the Co-Author conversation. This morning, we’ve already discussed how to test-drive the potential partnership and how crucial organization and open communication is to keeping the partnership alive. Next, it’s time to discuss the different roles you might be asked or want to fill, and some of the different partnerships that are out there.