18 May: Pinterest

The authors who have used it successfully state that if they shifted the focus of their Pinterest investment away from selling books to just getting people excited about their world or their characters or fun projects they can do that are character/world centric, that they grew an organic reach. When they focused their boards in this way, they did see a small uptick in sales.

18 May: Deep POV and How It Affects Craft

Deep POV is very useful for writing, especially for first or third person stories. It allows you to still use the correct POV (Point of View) for your genre without confusing the reader or compromising your work (Prunkl 2013).

18 May: 8-Point Outline

We touch on this outline beat sheet off and on throughout the outline course, but I usually don’t use it in its entirety. There are a lot of “long slogs” that I don’t enjoy pushing through. Most of my outlines will take a few beats from this one, but it won’t take the entire beat sheet.