2021 February


15 Feb: Will Monday.com Help You Stay On Schedule?

The “best practice” for a professional writer is to set up a workflow system that helps you throughout the process, can connect with your readers, and most importantly: doesn’t have to be reset every time you have a new job.
One of our favorites is monday.com—and we’ve used it to manage our writing to benefit everyone in the process. Let’s take a look at the benefits and how to unlock them.


10 Feb: The Hard-Writing Archit – Look! Squirrel!

Architects (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging) are thinkers and system designers. They believe in making choices based on facts and research rather than feelings. Their intuitive nature powers their imagination. They are highly creative individuals and usually have an abundance of ideas for implementation. They are curious, independent-minded, and believe in their problem-solving abilities. Hence, research comes to them easily. A huge advantage for authors with this personality type.

Old Recipes Typed on Index Cards Isolated

03 Feb: Writing as a Sentinel

The Sentinels are conscientious, stable, and love routines. It’s not that they don’t like new experiences. They simply don’t want to waste time failing when someone else has already succeeded. They are careful and self-motivated. However, the Sentinels aren’t the most creative folks as far as productivity procedures. They believe in systems over spontaneity.

01 Feb: Use Trello to Publish Books On Time

In the simplest of terms, Trello is a web-based tool where teams can easily collaborate on projects or an individual author can manage production of their book. It utilizes a list technique, much like whiteboards, to visually show various projects, tasks completed and tasks still needed to be done, who is working on what, etc. Trello is like amped up sticky notes with various features and capabilities.