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Author Brand: Promise To Your Reader

Everyone wants to know where the next big marketing “trick” is going to come from. What should we focus on next?

Everyone wants to know where the next big marketing “trick” is going to come from. What should we focus on next? We were told to focus on email marketing and then we spammed our readers to death and now they refuse to even check their email.

Many of us have readers who fall into this void of just this side of Boomer, but on the technologically challenged side of Gen X.

They’re not on Facebook, and if they are, they’ve blocked you because of your one (1) off-colored post about something they’re desperately delicate about. Or they’ve got ad blockers because they’re tired of being attacked every time they’re online. They don’t get group notifications because Facebook is changing how they can sell us out, not help us sell our products. They’re blocking our ability to push page notifications.

They’re not on Twitter because it goes too fast and they don’t understand hashtags.

They’re not on Instagram because they’re frustrated they have to do that on their phone. They remember the days when a phone could do one thing well; make calls. And now, their phones make life easier for Google wars and running fast maths—yes, I watch the BBC—but it’s not super great at making calls anymore. Also, the app is complicated. It’s supposed to be easy, but… Easy should mean that it’s intuitive!

They’re not on blogs because that’s days past.

They’re not in the inbox. Okay. They are, but not the one you have. That’s become their spam email.

They don’t want to be contacted via text, though that’s the only thing they answer.

How in the BLEEP do you get to them?

That’s what we have to figure out. Where are our readers and how do they feel comfortable being reached?

The thing is though, as we’re asking them, they’re going to be very cautious in giving you that information because we—authors in general—have already broken their trust. We’ve spammed the ever-loving crap out of them.

Remember those giveaway mailing list builders? Great idea!

They broke our readers. And the people who are abusing those builders by list-stuffing are making it even worse, which makes our jobs that much harder.

Make a promise to your reader

Our readers are super sensitive to being spammed now. They’re getting it from every site they go to. There are lead magnets everywhere. Everyone wants their email address. They get hundreds of emails and it’s out of control. Every site they go to has ads and there are some sites that are now blocked unless you pay them to go ad-free. 

Our readers are America’s greatest resource and their wallets are getting tired of it. 

That’s what you’re up against. So, know that going into this next step. 

Are you in contact with some of your readers right now?

Good. We are going to be working on building up your marketing platform to suit you and your audience and then we’re going to cultivate the trust between you and your reader.

But first, you need to make two promises to your readers:

  • You’re going to be consistent in your writing quality, your publishing scheduling, and your marketing schedule.
  • You’re not going to spam them or sell their contact information. Ever.

And then, contact them. Ask them what they enjoy the most about your work, and where they are. How can you contact them? What is the model of your ideal reader?

You will then take that information and build your marketing plan based on real information that will help you succeed. Craft your business around you. 



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