Here's How We Rise Above the Pack

Part of writing sustainably is writing what flows naturally to you while not adding extra stress to your already chaotic life. Being unable to sell books regularly definitely adds to the stress of maintaining your indie author career, and detracts from your ability to produce, which causes more stress, which keeps you under productive… 

It’s a viscious cycle. Real Indie Author has a system that works with every personality to develop and hone your indie author brand to help you write and sell more reliably


Understand that part of you that makes you unique and sets you apart from everyone else.


Create your ideal reader profile and write to her where she's at so you're not wasting time trying to find her. 

Marketing Viability Research

Discover how to shape your great ideas into a highly marketable novel that practically sells itself.

Productivity Focus Targets

Keep your author business on target by focusing only on the things that matter to your brand.

Branding has many parts and they all matter, but focusing on one without focusing on the rest can be harmful to your indie author career. Many authors think they’ve done a great job in their branding only to discover that they’re still not selling books the way they want. 

Colors & Logo
Messaging & Interest
Personal Connection

In an on-going poll, readers state they don’t pay as much attention to logos and colors as they do name recognition. They also don’t necessarily care about what genres you write – within reason. Romance readers tend to have less flexibility on this question than some of the other genre readers. 

But when it comes to messaging & interest and personal connection, readers agree that this is where authors will either snag them or lose them. 

Your brand flavors every single thing you do in your author career. It affects the types of posts you share on social media, which ones you share, how often you share them, which networks you’re on. It tells you what books you’ll be writing, what narrative voice you’ll be using, what topics you’ll be covering, and the types of characters you’ll be crafting. 

Every part of your author brand ignites the fire of your author career. Failure to inspire the right sparks will smother your dreams until the flames die out.

When we assist you your author brand, we help you come up with reader profiles, a plan for cover and logo design, website design, newsletter strategy, advertising, identity management, production schedule, and more. 

We help you grow into your success.

Shoot for the
Assess your current brand
Assess your current products
Assess your messaging
Poll your readers for current profile
Develop basis for your ideal reader profile
Includes tips to help you navigate your career path
Shoot for the
Everything included in the Shoot for the Sky package
Create design plan for covers, logo, and site
Create plan for newsletter engagement
Create plan for social media management
Create plan for advertising
Shoot For the
Additional hours as needed
Works more intimately with the author
Includes video calls with screen shares
Can be canceled at any time
Includes assistance with WordPress
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