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Creating a Marketing Plan Based on Ideal Reader

First of all, let’s look at how writing to Veronica will change for me.

Veronica’s Profile

So, earlier this morning, I posted Veronica’s profile in Topics/Career. It was a lot of fun sculpting her, but now it’s time to see what to do with that information. 

  • How do I focus my scenes?
  • How do I pitch my book? 
  • Which social media platforms do I focus on? 
  • How do I market to her?

Writing to Veronica

First of all, let’s look at how writing to Veronica will change for me.

She likes character interaction, so my inner dialogue needs to be shorter and my outer dialogue needs to occur more often. But she’s also mature, so she needs to see those emotional transitions and feel the decision transitions.

She wants the heavy topics to be voiced because she feels hers is being silenced. But she doesn’t want someone to just trumpet the slogans and catchphrases and headlines. She wants to see that someone is actually addressing the harsh reality we’re all facing in our homes. She wants to see how someone like her deals with those situations so she can rise to her own occasions similarly or better in the future.

She wants me to focus on family because everything she does is for them. She understands that kids complicate the plot, but they complicate life. She wants to see how her heroine manages to juggle family life and work so she can emulate or do better.

And she wants the book to have a good purpose. Maybe not a solid win. Maybe both sides lose a little. Maybe both sides win a little, but she wants a resolution to be found at the end of every single book.

Marketing to Veronica

Veronica likes muted colors so that the occasional one can pop because she needs hope.

She wants to talk about crafts and different projects. If those projects also involved witchcraft, even better. So a good lead magnet for her might be a book of spell crafts and spell bakes.

She’s going to be drawn by the family aspect of my books, so I should use that and flaunt it in my sales copy. 
She wants the sales copy to be snarky and a little on edge. She wants me to show her I’m the black sheep, just like her, but that I like my sheeple, just like her, and that I don’t want to see the world on fire.

She wants to see faces over action scenes in graphics. She needs to connect to people, so doing a character set for graphics might be a good call for her. I’m thinking about making character cards.

But she’s on Facebook because there’s nothing better yet. She’s tried Instagram, but she doesn’t know how to use it. She hates Twitter. She’s open to an author app, but it will be frustrating to figure out how to use it. Her email is filled with spam because she’s fearless and unafraid to try new things, which means she’s now overwhelmed with crap cluttering her mailbox.

That also means that my headlines are going to have to be dead the freak on.

This woman doesn’t have a lot of time, but if I can get her to invest in me, she will fight for me to the end. But I can’t let her down. I can’t disappoint her because she’s been disappointed before.

Also, she loves YouTube and Pinterest, but they’re both timesucks she can’t afford to indulge in often. However, if she subscribes to me, I might come up on her notification bar on her phone.

My Plan to Meet Veronica

So, with that in mind, I’m building up my author app right now. It’s like talking to absolute air because it’s crickets in there.

I’m coming up with ideas on how to shoot good videos she’ll actually care about on YouTube. I want her to subscribe, but I also know she’s going to have to see me at least three times to see that I’m consistent and that I’m fun and will add a little light into her life. I also need to keep them under 8 minutes. This woman will invest 30 minutes with me, but only in 5-8 minute segments until she can talk herself into leaving and going back to work. But I need to get her to subscribe because I need to be on her phone.

I have to come up with graphics and quippy posts for Facebook posts and ads. There’ll be about 10 of those for each book. And I’m thinking of doing character cards with nice close-ups of each.

I’m also working to build up a Pinterest board. It won’t make money, but it might get me in front of her for the third or fourth time so that she remembers I might have a new book out and to go check it out.

And then my newsletters will recap all of the news I’ve already been spreading through the app, FB, Pinterest, and YouTube, but with a headline that will pull me out of her over-filled inbox because my name alone won’t do that for a while.

That’s It

That’s how I plan to snare Veronica and then hopefully a few others like her. But it all starts with writing a great book I know she’ll like, getting it edited so she doesn’t get frustrated with me and then pinging her attention in the locations she’s at online.



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