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It's so very important to remember that an outline is a guideline, no matter how in-depth it is.

So, last week, I had more of the phone call outlines and this week is all about the, “Can you just outline this?” outlines. LOL!

Both approaches have their pros and cons. The first approach takes more time, but I get to sit down and talk with the authors and we have a good gab session while working on their book. We discuss all sorts of things and it really reminds me why we all do this! 

The second takes less time, but worries me. LOL! I’m always worried that I’ll come up with something they don’t like or that won’t fit with what they’re looking for. 

It’s so very important to remember that an outline is a guideline, no matter how in-depth it is. If the characters ever decide they’re going another direction, they’re just going to GO. It’s important to have enough control over them to say, “Hey, by Chapter 8, I need you back here. I don’t care how you get there, but be there.” 

I’m still having an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!!! (Did you see all the exclamation marks? Thank goodness this is a blog and not a magazine.) 

Next week is going to be all about series bibles! I have two booked for next week. It’s gonna be a lot of fun! 



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