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Detailed OUtline

Detailed outlines are great for authors who need to write fast and need most of the issues and kinks worked out of the story, but still want a little room flex their muse’s creative muscles. Sentinels will sometimes enjoy the detailed outline.

These outlines will have some character decisions mapped out, though maybe not all of them, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Authors choose this outline if their schedules are tight and they’re confident that they can follow the outline with few off-road trips.


We sit down to consider the type of author you are, look at your brand, your writing style, and the book you’re bringing to us.

The detailed outline is specifically written to strengthen your weaknesses. So, the focus will be on the parts of the story you struggle with most. We save you the time of figuring that out.


We then choose the outline beat sheet best suited for your personality, your brand, and the genre. If we don’t have one on-hand, we create one.


We review your notes and any information you have provided about the story, where you want it to go, and locations you typically get stuck at. 

The parts or areas of the outline that will be easier for you to carry might be a bit thin because your muse needs the creative freedom to move where she’d comfortable, but will be fuller in the areas you’re weak in as we’re providing you with the assistance you need to write stronger faster.


We then set to work to create an outline base that will get you started

Max 16 chapters
Detailed plot points per chapter
Detailed character and romance points per chapter
Max 25 chapters
Detailed plot points per chapter
Detailed character and romance points per chapter
Serialized Vella
Max 36 episodes
Detailed plot points per chapter
Detailed character points and romance points per chapter
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