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There are few authors who want just the basic outline. We do have authors outlining short stories and novels.

There was a lot of interest on outlines and plots this week! Wow! It was great! 

It also gave me the time to figure out what to charge and to streamline the process a bit. I’ve been helping authors do this for years, but it’s usually been plotting parties at my house. We have a house full of authors and there’s lots of food and coffee and juice. 

And plot boards! We build solar systems. We draw maps. We get the crafting supplies out and we build models. It’s a bit chaotic. 

So, this week was a little bumpy as I figured out how to streamline all that down into a 2 hour conversation and a cohesive outline. The cohesive outline is actually something I excel at, but keeping it under 2 hours? That’s a trick. 

I also had the chance to see what authors are really looking for in regards to their outlines. My original ideas were close enough to start with, but they needed to be polished. There are few authors who want just the basic outline. We do have authors outlining short stories and novels. 

I’ve booked outlines/plotting sessions through mid-October and I’m having an absolute blast! So far, I’ve worked on everything from a sweet contemporary romance to several urban fantasies, and I’ve got a few more genres booked for the next few weeks! 

I’m terribly excited! There are going to be some amazing stories headed your way! 



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