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Consistency is the key to success in the indie author market. But being consistent takes a lot of work, dedication, will power and time.

Our services, classes, and blog posts help you succeed in an impressively difficult market.
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Our mission is to help all of our authors succeed in their chosen genres, in their own way without a one-size-fits-all formula for success.
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We love watching our authors grow. 

We don’t simply offer services that save our authors time. 

We help them identify ways to simplify and streamline their author business to ensure their energy and time is well spent.

Everything starts with your author brand
Outlines are excellent project management tools to keep you on task, on target, and on schedule.
A well-edited manuscript shows your readers that you take your business seriously. 

why choose Real Indie Author

Our team of outliners, branding specialists, coaches, editors, illustrators, formatters, and more work hard to remain at the top of industry standards. When you join our team, we make sure your book will succeed from the very beginning.

Easy To Work With

No matter where you are in your journey, we can work with you. All you have to do is bring an open mind and a willingness to treat us with the same respect you will expect. 


There is no one-author-fits all solution in our industry, so we can’t expect a one approach to fit all of our authors. We work with your unique qualities and weaknesses and help you raise your brand sustainably.

We have the experience

We have been there and burnt out several times, so when we say we focus on sustainability, we really do mean it. We want your journey to be successful without killing you. So, the techniques we offer are tried and tested. 

our services

We are currently offering services in author branding, outlines, and edits. As our team grows, the services we offer will grow as well.
We schedule our services so that we don’t burn out, and when we have scheduling issues with one of our staff members, another one is able to step in. In most cases, we are able to meet your deadlines so you’re able to produce on your schedule.


When it comes to your brand, it's a lot more than simply colors, images, and fonts. It's about what characters you're going to write about, what stories you're going to choose, which narrative voice you'll write in. We help you discover all of that so you can create a career plan that will help you move forward.


Writing sustainably is all about conserving your energy. Even the pantzer can benefit from an outline when it comes to how our energy is spent and refilled. They can make tough chapters easier, or they can smooth out trouble spots before you get to them, making sure it's easy sailing while writing the rough draft.


We take your brand into consideration in our edits as well. We'll make note of areas that seem to be going off-brand, which includes readability scores and relatability. Our editors are professional and efficient.

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We’re not just another service provider. We’re an active part of your author business team.

our team members

Our team members are what sets Real Indie Author apart. We push each other to learn new skills and support each other as we rise to new heights.

Elly Whittaker
Staff Outliner
Theresa Schultz
Theresa Schultz
Editor In Chief
Paula Lester
LATEST NEWS from blog
03 Feb: Writing as a Sentinel

The Sentinels are conscientious, stable, and love routines. It’s not that they don’t like new experiences. They simply don’t want to waste time failing when someone else has already succeeded. They are careful and self-motivated. However, the Sentinels aren’t the most creative folks as far as productivity procedures. They believe in systems over spontaneity.

27 Jan: Keto + Energy + Focus + Antidepression

Being a high-productive creative takes energy. Lots of it.

15 Feb: Will Help You Stay On Schedule?

The “best practice” for a professional writer is to set up a workflow system that helps you throughout the process, can connect with your readers, and most importantly: doesn’t have to be reset every time you have a new job.
One of our favorites is—and we’ve used it to manage our writing to benefit everyone in the process. Let’s take a look at the benefits and how to unlock them.

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