Demonic Fated Wolf King

Demonic Fated Wolf King


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Demonic Fated Wolf King

Urban fantasy Romance

Stella Morris knows one thing: she doesn’t have a fated mate…except when Cody Harris lands on her doorstep and claims he’s been sent there to kill her in the name of the demonic wolf king.

She’s used to people trying to kill her, but never someone trying to woo her and then trying to kill her. As a witch, she’s always had special people knocking at her door wanting her powers. So, when Cody claims he’s her fated mate and the only way to break their love is for him to kill her, she doesn’t know what to think. She just wants to master her spellbook, save her city of New Orleans from demons, maybe chill with a movie on Netflix with her bestie Roxanne on her day off, and go on her merry way.

Meanwhile, Cody knows what he has to do: kill Stella in order to be free of the curse of marrying her. He wants to be free of marriage and duty. He just wants to be a free man. However, the longer he's around her, the more attracted he feels to her. He cannot deny his feelings for her.

Still, the longer Cody stays in town, the more demons keep showing up around New Orleans.

Could there be more to this mystery than what meets the eye?

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