Forbidden Wolf

Forbidden Wolf


Catira’s love might be the only thing that saves her pack, but it is the one thing putting it in danger as well.

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Forbidden Wolf

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tropes: Forbidden lovers, hunted, hot alpha


Catira wasn’t supposed to survive her childhood. She’s the lone white wolf in her region. No one’s seen a white wolf in three centuries and the only thing that’s known is that the mark is a curse. She grew up hidden away by an overbearing alpha who didn’t want to see her from the shame she brought on the pack. But what shame and why?

Her wolf has claimed Eon Mak, the alpha’s son, as her own even though Catira knows there’s no way they can be together. But when she’s attacked, she discovers why the alpha was so ashamed of her.

She holds the key to bringing down the entire pack. It’s beyond her control, but she will do whatever it takes to protect her pack.

And Eon Mak, the alpha who doesn’t require anyone’s protection.

And may not deserve her love.


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What we love about this concept!

I love wolve-mates first of all. I’m really glad that this trope is coming back. I also love all the different possibilities the author could bring to what’s special about her. Is it magic in her coat? Is it some hidden power that’s laid dormant within their pack?

And what about Eon? Who is he? Has he known about Catira? Has he wondered about her? Does he feel the same attraction? Has he kept his distance to protect her, fearing what his father would do to her if he discovered Eon’s infatuation with her?

There are just so many possibilities.  What will your brand bring to this concept? I sincerely want to see.