I’ll Never Reform Or Will I?

I’ll Never Reform Or Will I?


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I'll Never Reform Or Will I?

Urban Fantasy Romance Or Urban Fantasy - Whatever buyer decides.
Buyer has the option to make this into a three book series about finding the Orb and stopping the big bad guy.


Cillian knows she’s up to no good, but even she cannot ignore what’s been going on in her secret organization when her partner mysteriously disappears.

She’s a villain. She knows this. She’s killed countless people and she’s risen an army of the undead at her boss’s command to take out entire cities whenever someone has pissed him off. However, when someone takes her precious Orb of Darkness, she knows someone inside her organization is responsible because she has it under lock and key.

Then her allies start disappearing. Her boss can’t figure out where they’ve gone. But something seems amiss. Whenever she talks to him, he seems too secretive. The places he sends her to look for them seem too out of place.

And why is it whenever she looks for them, there happens to be the same human there who just so happens to be infatuated with her? Or the same group of do-gooders who think she can be reformed from her evil ways?

Cillian knows two things: She needs to find her partner and her Orb before she murders her boss and the human who is always there.

Could this human claiming she can be reformed be the key to finding her Orb?


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