Order of Magic

Order of Magic


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Order of Magic

Epic Fantasy. Can be made as a series featuring the main character.


Balas has had plentiful work as an assassin, but he’s always wanted to know who he is. All his life, he’s lived as part of a person without his memories, but he doesn’t know why. All he remembers is he ran from something and he has to be the assassin to keep himself safe.

He gets an opportunity to find out more about his past when he takes on another job. This time, it’s to assassinate an older Lord and Lady with ties to magic.

At first, Balas thinks this is a mistake because they don’t act abnormal, but then, he finds the Order of Magic, a deadly society that makes assassins, mages, and other deadly creatures that plague the world. Could he have come from this place?

And if so, what is their grand plan for the world?

Then monsters start attacking the citizens of the city. War breaks out.

If Balas wants the answers to his past, he’ll have to stop those things first.


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