Rejected or Cursed?

Rejected or Cursed?


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Rejected or Cursed

Paranormal Romance


Sarah doesn’t want to be mated to her Alpha and will do anything to fight against destiny. When a burglary goes wrong, she finds her chance to escape when her parents are murdered.

It turns out she ended up in the wrong hands. She becomes the kidnapped prey.

Preston knows he shouldn’t have taken any prisoners, but there’s something about Sarah he can’t resist even if she rejects him at every turn. Something burns inside him and he wants her even if his wolf doesn’t want her.

As her pack fight to save her and go to war with his pack for a burglary and murder he didn’t commit, he realizes he has to keep her pack away from her. But does he really want to fight his wolf’s rejection when he craves her? What about her wants? Does he want to keep her there against her will?

Will they find out who murdered her family or will they kill each other first?


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