Spirit Walker

Spirit Walker


Shayde is the only one who can track down this spirit talker, but do so, she’ll need help from an incredibly sexy supernatural hunter.

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Spirit Walker

Paranormal Fantasy

Shayde has been a spirit walker since her parents were killed in a car accident when she was nine. She’d joined a group of hunters and had gone after the twisted souls who walked the earth after death and couldn’t find rest. She has a unique ability to not only see them, but she can drain the energy from them in order to subdue them and cross them over, sometimes quite forcefully.

Jarod is the hunter who finds her and her team after a cell of twisted and vengeful spirits rips through them. He and his team have been tracking down a strange phenomenon. There are more of these vengeful spirits than there should be, and they’re starting to gather together. This is the first time they’ve attacked, though.

And they’re wildly effective. Shayde is the only one still standing, but she’s wounded gravely in a way only he can heal. She’s missing part of her soul. The spirits shredded it in their attack.

Can Jarod track down what’s going on in time to save this frustrating and amazing woman in order to bring back the other half of her soul? Or will they become the next victims in a long line of death?

The spirit walkers are needed. There’s something coming and they’re not ready for what’s to come.


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What we love about this concept!

I love the paranormal aspect of the spirit walkers in this one. I love how angsty and heart-rending this one sounds as well. Each book in this series could follow a different pair of lovers from the hunters group, and I think this would be just fantastic!

There are many ways you can take this concept and make it your own. You can focus on different elements of the story, you can add your own particular brand to it, and do just about anything to it. Who do you want to serve? What type of story do they want?