The Accidental SuperMom

The Accidental SuperMom


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The Accidental SuperMom

Paranormal Women's Fiction. Can be made as a series featuring the main character.


Abigail was rocking at forty-five. She had her own bakery, lived life with her two teenage sons, and she was moving on to her next endeavor: helping her friend part time at her detective agency as a secretary.

However, on her way to her friend’s agency, she gets involved in a hit and run accident. She hits her head and suffers a concussion. After that—she gets magical powers.

Magical powers Abigail was fine not having.

Now, everything has gone wrong. Her sweets aren’t baking right. Her friend is having bad luck at the detective agency. Her kids are having problems in school. And the concussion hasn’t seemed to go away.

Then Abigail finds out the hit and run wasn’t an accident. Someone meant to hit her.

Abigail needs to solve this mystery if she’s going to move on with her life.


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