The Avenging Angel

The Avenging Angel


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The Avenging Angel

Urban Fantasy or Urban Fantasy Romance. Buyer decides.
This can be made into a series to collect the Seven Lords of Hell.


Last month, Kylee was living on the streets, trying to do anything to save enough money to get her own place. Then she got hit by a car and died.

That’s how she met Tyrael: the angel of justice. He snagged her as she went to Heaven with a mission: to go back down to Earth and stop the Seven Deadly Lords of Hell.

She thought he had her mistaken for someone else until she sprouted wings and became an angel and crashed back to earth with just a sword, some fairy dust, and a fae named Jace to guide her on her mission. He is the only one who can see her while no one else can.

But how is she supposed to stop the Seven Lords when no one else can see or listen to her? How can she even begin to influence people around her with her budding angel powers?

She’ll have to give in to her Nephilim-like powers or trust her partner—and she’s not sure which option is safe yet.


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