The Crystals of Atlanta

The Crystals of Atlanta


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The Crystals of Atlanta

Paranormal Women's Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Buyer has the option to make this a series featuring different cases.


At forty-two, Vanessa McBride shouldn’t have started her own PI practice with her partner Shawn McMillian, but she did. She’s seen her fair share of cases, but they’ve hit a dry spell recently. They’re barely able to afford the rent.

She’s about to retire when a case falls into her lap: someone stole a set of prized crystals. The problem? They’re the crystals needed to restore balance to the city of Atlanta and if they’re not found, chaos ensues.

In other words, demons and monsters could run amok.

Now, Vanessa isn’t equipped fully to deal with demons with her white magic, but Shawn is. However, even he isn’t sure he wants to take this case. He doesn’t want that kind of responsibility on his hands.

Then Vanessa’s kids go missing with a ransom note, begging her to take the case.

Now, things just got personal.

Vanessa has to take the case to save her kids.


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