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The Game


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The Game


Even amid wonderful scientific advances, world hunger, energy crisis, and war are the norms for the world. Space flight is in its infancy, and those that can afford it are moving off-world.

On world, the most common form of entertainment is virtual. The masses, even the very poor, stay hooked into the "Cyber" as much as possible. In there, any and all environments are possible.

Some stay there because of their personal situations, others for another reason. The Game has been almost won for decades. But nobody has ever figured out the final puzzle to win the fabulous wealth and prizes that come with the end of the Game.

Gera came to the Game late. She was nearly seventeen when she started, most others start about the time when they are able to work the system.

Based on old Earth culture, the game becomes increasingly harder to play since most of the pop culture of the past century has faded from memory.

Gera can read, but her knowledge came from books, not stored info online. She has a hard time moving through the puzzles from the beginning but her edge comes from the knowledge she learned from books never put online, and it may just have the missing piece to win the Game.

The prize? A one way ticket out of the City. She'll do whatever it takes to get it.


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What we love about this concept!

It rings true with so much of what’s going on today! I’m raising teens and, boy, I can’t get them to unplug for a few seconds! This is highly relevant to younger audiences and to the older generations who look at the world around us as we “connect” by distancing ourselves from real world people.

There are many ways you can take this concept and make it your own. You can focus on different elements of the story, you can add your own particular brand to it, and do just about anything to it. Who do you want to serve? What type of story do they want?