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Who’s the Hero of Your Story?

Mindset is crucial to success.


Let’s talk briefly about mindset. 

Mindset is crucial to success. Yes, we can volunteer to write in a challenge, but if we’re not actively altering our mindset, we’re just going along for the ride and hoping for the best. “Well, I don’t know if I really want to succeed.” 

No. You DO want to succeed and you’re going to MAKE it happen. 

Right. Right. I know it doesn’t always FEEL like that, but if you tell yourself that’s what you WANT to feel, then your mind will correct course and your force of will shall follow. Mostly. 

Doing proactive activities helps. It helps trigger brain responses. “I’m proactively handling my biggest stressor. It’s time to work.” 

My biggest stressor right now–and it is for a lot of people right now–is finances. But too many of us hide from that. “I’ll do it later.” Doing that just adds more weight to the situation. 

I’m not saying you need to solve world hunger. You just need to make your stress a little less heavy. So, face it like it was a villain and you’re the would-be conquering hero. Ask yourself: If my life was being read by a reader, would they put my book down right now because I’m not being the hero in my own life?

If the answer is yes, then fix it. You’re the ONLY one who can.



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