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About our Company

Real Indie Author is a growing team of specialized editors, outliners, and author service providers dedicated to helping you shape your career. We train our staff so that the quality of your experience is the same no matter who you work with. Our team has easy conflict resolution, which takes the pressure and stress out of having to have difficult conversations with under-performing providers. We bring management and professionalism to your team.

Our mission is to shape the world around us through our stories by raising the standards by which we deliver them. We want indie authors to be seen as “real” authors because we know we work harder, we put in more hours, and we truly are worth it. We want to take the publishing world by storm; a storm of quality and fantastic stories readers will be unable to put down.

Frankie Blooding, Real Indie Author’s founder, started her publishing career in 2002. She burned herself out several times along the way. She had some successes and many failures, but she’s now a sustainably full-time author.

She opened Real Indie Author up in 2017 when she was fired from her project management position for pushing people too far out of their comfort zone, something she’d been doing for nearly two decades. She knew then that the only place she’d truly feel at home was in the indie author publishing realm.

She started as an outliner and a world-builder. With a lot of luck and some extreme dedication, she forged the path that eventually led her to successfully launching and comfortably sustaining her indie author career.

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Outline 40% off

Edit 30% off

We’re serious about helping you reach your potential.

My goal is to help my fellow indie authors. I'm tired of seeing great storytellers and craftspeople in this trade burnout.


We can make it without killing ourselves.



We’ve been in the business long enough to see authors and service providers burn out time and time again. We focus on building systems that help you grow without killing yourself doing it.


Authors have a superpower that is oftentimes overlooked. We shape the world around us by offering up solutions through the actions of imaginary people.


Story creation takes more energy because we use more of our brains to do it. So the management systems we use needs to be efficient and work with us.


The methods we use to build our indie author careers need to also replenish the energy we use so we can write longer. What we do matters.

Our Team

Elly Whittaker
Staff Outliner
Theresa Schultz
Theresa Schultz
Editor In Chief
Paula Lester
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