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Our Team Is Amazing

Publishing sustainably means having a team of professionals who can make your story look amazing. Having someone you can rely on makes a world of difference. Having one book release without a good edit can mean a drop in sales that can be difficult to recover from. 

Our solution is to have a growing team of editors who can help each other and you with your manuscript .


We take a look at you your sample chapter to determine if we're a good fit. We'll mark up the chapter and send it back. Once you've reviewed our markups and comments and have determined that you are ready to take the next step, simply let us know. 

Contract & Scheduling

We use contracts for our edits. Our contracts are clear cut and easy to understand. They protect our team and you with easy terms. Once the contract is issueed, we'll finalize the schedule.


Once you've sent the manuscript, we begin working on it as scheduled. If our assigned editor runs into issues, we have other editors who can assist as needed.

Spot Revisions

Payment is due upon receipt of the edited manuscript. We will still perform spot edits as we care about your project and want it to be as professional as possible within the scope of work.

What does Each Type  Give YOU?

Not all edits are alike. Be sure you understand the type of edit you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to ensure your needs are met. 

Developmental edits include in-line edits and an editorial report. It’s the BETA read, the critique, and the first step in your line edit. It’s a very comprehensive edit.

A developmental edit may include: 

  • Narrative and voice, characterization and character arcs, dialogue, hooks, world building, and grammatical nuances.

  • Brandability, marketability, and sellability
  • Craft, narrative, and storytelling functions, we focus on plot arc and pacing, character arcs, and subplots.

  • Address filler words, descriptions, and scenes

  • Discussing dialogue and giving each character their own voice while adding more dimension to your scenes

Line edits focus on the narrative and sentence structure. We help you tell your story in the most efficient and easily read manner possible.

A line edit will include:

  • In-line suggestions to rephrase or reword sentences to make your intent clearer.

  • Address copyright issues if they pop up.

  • Address dialogue tags, filler words, and other narrative-based issues that can cloud and slow down the story.

Your proofread is the last pass before you go to format and publish, so be sure that your manuscript is as clean as it possibly can be.

A proofread will include:

  • Looking for typos.

  • Missing or wrong words.

  • Missing and incorrect punctuation.

Let me be blunt. If you haven’t invested the time and energy to clean your manuscript as much as you can, you are going to have errors even after a team of proofreaders goes through your manuscript. You’re the most important person on your team. Use yourself wisely. 

Frankie's developmental edits are insightful and have helped me grow as an author.
Alice Bell
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