Slide Branding Specialists
Write More With Less Energy
While Being Uniquely You
Your brand is so much more than a pretty logo and a quippy sales pitch.
Your brand tells you what stories to write, how often to release them, the quality needed to succeed, what your budget needs to be, who and when to schedule on your team, and so much more.
Slide Made-For-You Outlines Save Time and Energy Starting Now Our outliners have written thousands of outlines for hundreds of authors.
That's millions of words.
We take the stress, frustration, and expectation anxiety out of your books so you can write more consistently.
Slide edit Reliability When It Matters Most Polish Your Manuscript With a Team of Editors Why hire one editor when you can hire an entire team of them? When you schedule your edits with Real Indie Author, we do everything in our concerted power to get your edit done on time. Don't miss another pre-order deadline again. TYPES OF EDITS


Do you get stuck in a certain area of your story?
Is there a particular type of scene you simply struggle to write?
Is there an aspect of the story structure that eludes you every time?
Are you missing the market and need to find out how to write a book that sells? Our outlines not only teach you how to outline for yourself, but we save you time and energy to do what you do best, writing the stories that only you can tell.


Who is your target reader?
What stories will resonate most with her that also fuel your soul?
What stories embolden you to push past the frustrations life hands us?
We'll work with you to figure out what you should be writing when so you can develop a career path toward sustainable success.


Have you been burned by editors in the past?
Have you missed deadlines because your editor ghosted you for weeks or months at a time?
With Real Indie Author, we have a team of professional editors who are available to support you and each other to ensure your deadlines are met. Plan ahead, stay on target, and we'll assist you in any way we can.

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